Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today's Episode December 06: Janaki Decides To Give Up Her Dream

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Janaki Kalaganaledu: Rama Chandra and Janaki warn Vishnu about the poison bottle used by Mallika. Later, they leave the place and return to their room. Rama praises her wife after watching her deal with the toughest situation very easily. He appreciated her care about their family and felt lucky to have Jaanu as his wife. 

Rama further reveals that he wanted to see Jaanu as an IPS officer. But Janaki denies his statement and says that she decided to give up her dream. Yogi phones Rama Chandra and asks him to bring Janaki near the riverbank the next day. He explains that he has to perform some puja for their parents. 

The next morning, Rama and Janaki visit the riverbank, and Jaanu breaks down seeing her parents' photo. The Yogi consoles her and performs the rituals. Later, Rama Chandra tries to convince his wife by showing her a pen that was given by her father. She gives the pen to Jaanu and tells her that she can throw that pen away and confirm that she has no interest in becoming an IPS.

Janaki talks to the photo and explains all the problems she has with continuing studying. Later, while leaving the pen on the riverbank, Rama stops her and clarifies, saying that he will try his best to make Jaanu pursue her dream. Will Jnanamba allow Janaki to study is to be seen in the further episdoes. 

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