Salman Khan Should Resign From Bigg Boss 15: Demand Viewers

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Bigg Boss 15 is filled with drama and not just inside the house but also outside the show. Viewers are not too happy with the latest season and they have many reasons for it. One particular incident recently sparked controversy. It is regarding contestants Umar Riaz and Simba Nagpal.

Last week, during a nomination task, Umar and Simba got physical and had a verbal spat. With all his power, Simba then shoved Umar into the pool. Umar said that Simba called him a terrorist in an unseen video that went viral on Twitter. Simba said I look like a terrorist in Surma (Kaajal), Umar exclaimed. 

Fans requested that Bigg Boss take quick action against Simba and remove him from the show. After the incident, the hashtag 'Justice for Umar Riaz' started trending on social media.

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Now the viewers are angry that Host Salman Khan did not take any action on Weekend Ka Vaar. He did not bring up the incident during the Saturday episode and even on Sunday just told him to be careful. He instead brushed off Simba’s actions as done in a fit of rage and did not reprimand him. Salman did not address the Islamophobic comment.

Now the viewers have demanded that the makers through him out as the host as he refuses to speak on actual issues. The biased hosting is not liked by the fans. They called him out and said Salman and makers are favoring Simba.

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