Meet First Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Contestant to Get Privilege Pass, Deets Inside

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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 is just four weeks away from its final race, and the show makers are trying their best to boost the show's TRP ratings. The Bigg Boss has planned something new for the viewers in today's episode to make the controversial show more interesting. 

As per the latest promo released by the Telugu entertainment channel Star Maa, it appears that one of the contestants would get a pass to escape eviction after playing a task. 

In the promo, Bigg Boss sets up a fire truck in which the two front seats are empty. And contestants who occupy the seats should save one person to get the eviction free pass. All the contestants are seen forming a two-person group and boarding the truck.

The latest buzz is that VJ Sunny was saved by the contestants and made him eligible to get an eviction free pass. However, how Sunny will use this pass is not known yet. 

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Bigg Boss viewers feel that this pass would be provided to Sunny either to use it to get saved from elimination or store it for the next week and use it during the nominations. Besides this, there are also chances for Sunny to save another person from elimination. To know how Sunny will make use of this privilege pass, we have to wait for the weekend episode. 

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