How Much Did Star Maa Pay Priyanka For Bigg Boss Stint

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Priyanka Singh is the last contestant to get evicted from the Bigg Boss Telugu 5 house in the the 13th week of elimination. The audience expected that Siri or Kajal might get an exit pass, but their expectations went wrong. 

So there are six more contestants left in the glass house now. Now, we hear that Sreerama Chandra has become the first Bigg Boss Telugu 5 contestant to win the ticket to the finale. 

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Now, there are rumours that VJ Sunny will win the ticket to the finale in tonight's episode. As the days pass, the audience grows impatient to learn who the show's winner and runner-up are. 

It is known that Bigg Boss Telugu 5 is grabbing the attention of the viewers with its finale ticket tasks. 

Talking about Priyanka's performance in the house, she is the first transgender contestant to have a long journey in the Bigg Boss Telugu 5 house. Priyanka has won the hearts of many Bigg Boss 5 Telugu viewers' with her beauty and game. She has gained huge popularity and fans outside the Bigg Boss Telugu house that she did not expect. But one thing is for sure, from day 1, Priyanka has given her 100% to every task and won over male contestants. Her elimination will certain break the hearts of her fans and viewers. 

There are lots of questions about how much Priyanka Singh earned for her stint on the Bigg Boss Telugu 5 show. Do you also have the same question? Then check this out. As per reports, Star Maa is said to have paid Priyanka 25,000 per day which means 1.75 lakhs per week. If these figures are true, then the total amount Priyanka earned for staying inside the Bigg Boss house from September 5th to December 4 would be around Rs 22.5 lakhs. Follow Sakshi Post for more updates. 

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