First Time in The History of Bigg Boss 15

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Bigg Boss Hindi has always been in the news for all the drama that happens inside the house. Also, the way the show format entertains the audience is something irresistible for small screen viewers. The audience call Bigg Boss Hindi Salman Khan’s show because the show started trending since Salman started hosting it. 

And other languages also started Bigg Boss show by drawing inspiration from Hindi Bigg Boss. And if you have been closely following Bigg Boss shows in any of the languages, you may have noticed that the makers copy some of the tasks and rules from Hindi Bigg Boss. But season 15 is somewhat boring when compared to other seasons. Although the exact reason is unknown, few say that contestants are not giving their best while another section of the audience feel that  Weekend ka Vaar is less effective than the week days episode.

Now, the latest rumour doing the rounds on social media platforms is that Bigg Boss 15 makers are planning for not just one but multiple wild card entries. It is known that two wild card contestants, Raqesh and Neha, entered the house after 44 days. However, Raqesh walked out of the Bigg Boss house due to health issues. Now, the makers are said to have reached out to Zain Iman, Manu Punjabi, and Paras Chabbra for striking a deal and get them as wild card entrants. 

So, netizens say that wild card entry contestants are more than contestants in this season. Even in season 14, wild card entry and challengers are more than the contestants. But the fact is wild card entries only entertains the audience when compared to those who got an opportunity to enter the house as normal contestants. Let us wait and watch if Bigg Boss Hindi makers' plan of multiple wild card entries works and gets them the much needed TRPs.

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