Eliminate Siri Or Kajal From Bigg Boss Telugu 5 House, Say Viewers

 - Sakshi Post

Just a few days left for the curtains to come down on Star Maa's much watched TV reality show Bigg Boss Telugu 5. Now, another weekend is here and it's time to predict on who will be shown the door in this week's elimination round. 

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 contestants have one more week to prove themselves and win the ticket to the finale. The housemates are trying hard to impress the audience and draw their attention towards them. The nominated contestants for this week's elimination are Siri, Sreerama Chandra, Kajal, Maanas, and Priyanka Singh. According to the unofficial voting polls, Priyanka and Kajal are in the danger zone. 

In a latest development, Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 viewers are now asking Star Maa to eliminate Siri or Kajal this week.

It seems that Bigg Boss Telugu 5 viewers are irked by Kajal's double-standard game play with Sunny and other contestants. Even netizens say that they are bored with Siri's emotional drama. As we all know, Siri and Kajal are applying their game strategy to other contestants and winning the game. There is a rumor that Star Maa is saving Kajal and Siri for their TRP ratings. 

After seeing Kajal fight with Sunny this week, the audience says that Kajal has proved that she used Sunny for an eviction-free pass but now she is jealous that Sunny has won the finale ticket. However, as it is a Bigg Boss show, there will be lots of buzz going around on social media platforms. And we are here to inform you of all the Bigg Boss Telugu 5 rumors. Follow Sakshi Post. 

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