Bigg Boss Telugu 7: Gautham Krishna Vows To Expose Sivaji

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Gautham Krishna in the ongoing season of Bigg Boss Telugu has always succeeded in raising the bar. Within a short time, he has amassed the love of the audience, if the ongoing social media buzz is any indication. Gautham Krishna has carried himself with grace in the house.

This particular week has seen his popularity graph soar after he directly confronted alleged politicking inside the house. When a task divided the house into 'Veera Simhalu' and 'Garjinchey Pululu', not many anticipated that it would drive a wedge between Gautham and some individuals, especially Sivaji.

There was an attempt to coerce Gautham into accepting some things lying down. He was driven out of the task by a set of inmates, ostensibly provoked by Sivaji. Enraged by the whole fracas, Gautham confessed to Bigg Boss that he would like to be eliminated from the show if he is not allowed to expose the problematic individuals. 

Earlier, by introducing the titles 'Kashta Jeevi' and 'Pani Donga', Krishna won the hearts of many.

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