Bigg Boss Telugu 7: Gautham Krishna Continues To Tower Over Shivaji

 - Sakshi Post

The captaincy task for the 12th week of Bigg Boss Telugu 7 has been peculiar. The inmates have been caught unawares by the Bigg Boss mansion task, especially with Shivaji trying to be too clever by half. If there is one contestant who is ahead of others in terms of smart thinking during the task, it is Gautham Krishna.

It is Gautham who confronted Shivaji after Prashant was declared 'dead'. "Didn't Shivaji anna kill you?" he asked Prashant, who donned the role of a ghost. Till then, the truth had been a secret. By unconvering the same, Gautham proved his knack for cracking mysteries with his intelligence.  

During the process, Gautham Krishna has emerged as the only face who can challenge Shivaji. Right from the start, he has maintained a positive outlook and has backed off from playing politics against others. At the same time, he never keeps quiet if someone works against his interests. If he keeps at it and continues with his solid game, he is surely to become a finalist.

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