Bigg Boss Telugu 5: These Two Contestants Have Won Finale Ticket

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Hey, Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 viewers, what are you searching for? Do you want to know which contestant will head to the grand finale round? Then we are here to share what you are looking for. According to social media platforms, Sunny and Shanmukh Jaswanth did not get nominated this week, so we can say that Shanmukh and Sunny have entered the finale round week. In the final week, everyone will get nominated, but this week's elimination is last. So there is a chance of social media predictions that Sunny will be the winner and Shanmukh as runner up, prediction come true. Earlier, Bigg Boss Telugu 5 viewers believed that Shanmukh Jaswanth would be the winner, but in the last few weeks, his voting percentage and popularity have dropped considerably, thanks to his closeness to Siri Hanmanth. 

Shanmukh has a chance to win the trophy if he can impress the audience this week. And when it comes to Sunny, he gained popularity with just one fight with Siri and Shannu. The fight clearly showed that all the contestants are cornering Sunny and were targeting him for no reason. 

The audience say that other contestants are provoking Sunny to get hyper. Bigg Boss host Nagarjuna advised Sunny against getting hyper. But as a result of all those fights, VJ Sunny is in the top position. However, there is a big tie between Shanmukh and VJ Sunny. Who do you support, Sunny or Shanmukh Jaswanth? Let us know in your comments. 

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