Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Shocking Elimination Predicted This Week

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A major shocking elimination is expected this week on Bigg Boss Telugu 5. Firstly let’s talk about nominations. Nataraj, Sunny, Priya, Siri, Anne, Anchor Ravi, Kajal, and Lobo are nominated this time for eviction. One among these will say goodbye to the Bigg Boss in the coming Weekend episode.

Fans have different names to who will get eliminated from the house. Some are saying that it will be Nataraj. He will get eliminated this week. While others are saying that Lobo will be the one. BBT5 fans are divided over this. Lobo has been a strong contestant. He provided enough entertainment to the fellow contestants and also the audience. But this week could be his last.

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It has not been the same for Lobo for the past few days. He is always seen sleeping and that is becoming a problem now. Plus, he has mentioned quite a few times that he is missing his family a lot and it is becoming difficult for him to stay in the house. His recent fight with Priya has also put him on the negative side.

One more reason is that only ladies have been eliminated since the beginning. Sarayu then Uma Devi and recently it was Lahari. We can expect a man leaving Bigg Boss 5 house and buzz is it will be Lobo. 

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