Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Viewers Feel Contestants Spreading Intentional Hate Against Priyanka

 - Sakshi Post

Priyanka Deshpande is one of the top contestants of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5. However, Bigg Boss viewers predict that other co-contestants in the house are intentionally spreading hatred against her among the housemates. 

Some of her fans feel that they are defaming Priyanka after watching Thamarai Selvi's contradicting statements against her during the conversation with Akshara. 

While explaining Priyanka's behaviour, Thamarai said that Priyanka takes everything personally if anyone fights with her. She added that Priyanka will not ask for anything and does not talk to anyone. In the same conversation with Akshara, she said that Priyanka would forget everything after any fight or discussion. Priyanka comes and hugs her and kisses her to make her feel good in front of others. 

The Bigg Boss audience feels that Thamarai has multiple personalities and doesn't stick to her words. After observing these contradictory statements, Bigg Boss fans want the people to keep this in their minds and observe their game. 

Will the host of Bigg Boss Tamil bring this topic up during the weekend episode and expose Thamarai's mentality to the other contestants is to be seen. 

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