Bigg Boss Kannada 8: Aravind Calls Divya Uruduga Irresponsible Captain

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It's known that Divya Urudugu has become the captain of Bigg Boss Kannada house for the second time. Divya U who was the first female captain of Season 8  and now with her become the captain for the second time has set everyone's expectations at higher level.

Divya U gave her the best to become the best captain, but she failed in some situations. Kichcha Sudeep also told Divya U that she had been wrong about a few contestants when it came to executing the assigned tasks. A section audience said that Divya U would prove herself if she gets captaincy again, but it seems that she is repeating the same mistake. 

We say this because, in yesterday's episode, Divya U lost the jail key. Prashanth, who is sent to jail after being chosen as the worst performer, hid the key and Divya U had to search for it, but couldn't find it. So when Prashanth tells Aravind that he has the key, Divya Uruduga breaks down. Prashanth consoles her. But Aravind tells her that it was her responsibility to keep the keys safe.

On the other hand, when Sudeep asks Prashanth why he decided to play a prank on Divya Uruduga by hiding the key, he says that, as captain, Divya U should keep the keys safe.

However, she kept made it easy for him to access the keys by hanging it on the window. On hearing this, Sudeep too agreed that Captain Divya should have been more cautious with the keys.

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