Bigg Boss 4 Telugu: Would Akhil Be No.2 if Sohel Had Not Opted Out?

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Even as the Bigg Boss4 Telugu show ended on a grand note with Abijeet winning the coveted title, discussions, and analysis over the final contestants performance continues to trend online, thanks to their marathon interviews being relayed on television and YouTube channels.

The show participants' interviews are generating interest among viewers of what should have been or could have been or who should have won.. to who could have been the second runner up etc.

Kaushal Manda the winner of BiggBoss2 Telugu who now runs his own YouTube channel, recently interviewed season 4 Big Boss runner- up Akhil. His questions were something close to what people actually wanted to know and what exactly was playing on their minds.

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However, one of the question's that was trending online which Kaushal asked Akhil, was whether he would have made it to the top 2 spots if  Sohel had not taken the prize money.  Akhil replied that he always wanted to make it to  the top 2 for sure. "But Sohel  and I were both in the top 2 positions. I had fixed upon to remain in the top slots and it was also  my firm belief that I should be in the top 2  and my affirmations had  come true and all of it fell  together in my favour,'' he said cleverly.

However, in the unofficial polls, it is known that Sohel was always number 2, and people felt that the whole situation would have been different if Sohel had not taken the prize money. And the discussions continue...

Who do you think should have been in number 2  of Bigg Boss 4 Telugu ? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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