Bigg Boss 15: Why is EVICT SIMBA NOW Trending On Twitter?

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Simba Nagpal was angry with Umar Riaz in a task on Monday's Bigg Boss 15 episode. He pushed Umar aggressively that he fell into the pool. He escaped injury as he fell straight into the pool; else it would have been serious. Ieshaan Sehgaal, who was standing nearby, ran up and scolded  Simba, saying he had done the wrong thing.

This did not go well with the Bigg Boss fans. #EVICTSIMBANOW started trending on Twitter. The video of Simba pushing Umar went viral on social media. “if it was Umar pushing Simba, Bigg Boss will eliminate Umar by now…what a shameless biased show,” wrote a user on Twitter.

Many times in earlier seasons Bigg Boss has eliminated contestants for getting physical with each other, they have been sent home for pushing fellow contestants. Then why is it different for BB15? Why have Bigg Boss makers not taken any action yet? Simba should be eliminated is what the fans are demanding.

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Fans have only one complaint. In previous seasons, many contestants were eliminated for doing less. A single push and they were thrown out of the house. Then why is Umar not getting justice?

Viewers have called Bigg Boss 15, a biased show. Check the reactions below:

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