Bigg Boss 15 Wild Card Contestants Fail to Improve TRPs

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss 15 hosted by Salman Khan is one of the highly rated shows on Indian television. Unfortunately, this season has been disappointing. The show has been registering lower TRP ratings for the first time in its history, despite the fact that the makers brought in several wildcard entrants. 

But let me tell you what perhaps went wrong. The Wild Cards contestants that the makers are bringing in are from the previous seasons. As per the audience, they are the ones doing dramas in the house. Bigg Boss Hindi show is known for its controversial fights, but it seems that viewers are not showing any interest in watching season 15.

 A section of the audience says that the contestants are not good and a few others say that the makers should bring new wild cards instead of the old contestants if they want the show to get interesting. 

According to reports, the high TRPs were has recorded only on the Weekend Ka Vaar episodes with Salman Khan. However, in recent weeks, even weekend episodes have not received TRP ratings, thanks to all the movie promotions happening. Viewers say that the weekend episode is full of promotions and advertisements. And there is no feedback for the contestants about their performances. The audience have asked Colors to bring back the earlier format of Bigg Boss show with some content, which was seen till the 14th season. But one thing we can expect is that the show might get a major twist as wildcards have made zero impact on the show. Earlier, the makers evicted three contestants in a week, which also did not pull up the TRP ratings. So let us wait and watch what is Bigg Boss 15 makers' next move to get good TRP ratings. 

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