Bigg Boss 15: Why is EVICT KARAN KUNDRRA Trending on Twitter?

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When Zeeshan Khan pushed a fellow contestant in Bigg Boss OTT, he was punished and immediately thrown out of the house. This is how the makers treated him so similar treatment should be given to Bigg Boss 15 contestants as well. This is what the viewers are now demanding from Colors TV.

In the recent episode, we saw what Karan Kundrra did. If a contestant was eliminated in OTT for pushing someone, why are the makers ignoring something like this? Violence is nothing new in the Bigg Boss 15 house. It's been all about fights and physical violence since the beginning of the show. Contestants are assaulting and abusing one another, as well as physically pushing and pounding one another. It has now gotten out of hand.

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Karan Kundrra in the latest episode got physical with Pratik Sehajpal. He hit him to the ground. Pratik was trying to snatch the papers from Kundrra’s hand. So Kundrra slamming him on the ground is something unacceptable. He should be punished for this.

EVICT KARAN KUNDRRA started trending on Twitter. Fans demanded that he get the same treatment as Zeeshan got in Bigg Boss OTT. It should not be different for him. Plus when Pratik was scolded for his mistakes, why are the makers ignoring Kundrra’s mistakes.

Here are what the BB15 fans were saying:

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