Bigg Boss 15: Viewers Term Tejasswi Prakash As The Vamp Of This Season

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After what happened in the recent episode of Bigg Boss 15, most viewers have gone against Tejasswi Prakash. Many have said that what she did during the task was not right. In Bigg Boss, you can make and break the image very easily. Fans will not love you forever if you have done something too controversial.

The opinion of viewers regarding Tejasswi Prakash changed after what she did recently. During the task, the contestants were supposed to stand in one place and keep up with any torture that the other contestants might do to them. Simba Nagpal and Meisha Iyer had tortured Umar Riaz a lot, continuously throwing talcum powder in his face, trying to put a hot spoon to his body, and other such things but what happened next was too much.

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As we all know, Umar Riaz is a doctor. During the task, Tejasswi started to choke. The contestants took her inside and tried taking care of her when she revealed she was faking it all. She was trying to play with Umar’s feelings and his oath as a doctor. Tejasswi expected him to leave his spot and tend to her, which will make Umar lose the task. Later they questioned his integrity and sincerity as a medical practitioner which made him feel really bad.

Often Tejasswi does stuff that looks clearly for TRP. Fans are even calling the so-called romance between Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash fake and terming it as a partnership between the two strongest contestants. Bigg Boss 15 viewers have termed her as the ‘Vamp’ of the season and a drama-queen.

It is to be seen if she apologizes to Umar for what she did and succeeds in changing fans’ opinions or not.

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