Bigg Boss 15 A Flop Season, Say Netizens

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It is not going too well for Bigg Boss 15. The ratings are down and makers are trying desperately to come up with new twists and content to excite the viewers. But so far, all of it has failed. There are many reasons as to why this season of Bigg Boss isn’t doing too well.

The thing that fans have complained about is mainly related to voting. There have been very less times that voting happened this season. Contestants have been eliminated but most of the time, it’s the housemates themselves who decide who gets evicted. This is not an ‘audience show’ anymore. The top favored contestants are ruling the house and are deciding everything.

Why make the audience vote, when the decision is not based on it? is the question many are asking. As you may remember, Donal Bisht and Vidhi Pandya were eliminated after the contestants decided their fate. The viewers had nothing to do with it. Similar elimination happened in the recent episode.

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Simba Nagpal, Jay Bhanushali, Vishal Kotian, and Neha Bhasin were eliminated out of nowhere. Eliminating so many contestants at the same time to create the element of shock backfired as it left the audience irritated.

Ever since the show started, there haven’t been many planned and good tasks. There have been random tasks but none of them felt good enough. The audience has termed Bigg Boss 15 as the worst season ever.

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