Bigg Boss 15: Devoleena and Abhijit Once Again Get into A Fight

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In the most recent episode of Bigg Boss 15, one of the ugliest fights of the season was observed. The brawl between Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Abhijeet Bichukale escalated as they both charged at the other, forcing Bigg Boss to interfere. It all started with a task that required Pratik Sehajpal and Shamita Shetty to sit still and not make any facial expressions.

The housemates had to get these two candidates' reactions. Abhijeet was also a part of the task at first, but as soon as it started, he lost it and provided several reactions. Following his eviction from the task, Abhijeet began harassing Pratik Sehajpal and saying derogatory things to him. He even brought his family into it. 

Initially, Pratik does not react but after the task, he expresses his disappointment and complains about Abhijeet in front of other contestants.

Pratik becomes enraged and threatens to punch Abhijeet in the face for saying such things. Hearing this, Abhijeet becomes angry and begins ranting at the top of his voice while throwing his microphone into the air. He also tries to do damage to the house items.

As soon as the task is completed, Devoleena approaches Abhijeet and inquires as to why he included Pratik's parents in the task.  Abhijeet answers angrily, telling her to go since he doesn't want to talk to her. Abhijeet urges her not to spit on him while they're conversing, and she retaliates by saying he's worth spitting at. During the fight, they both abuse each other, and if that isn't enough, they use metal water bottles to hit each other.

Umar, Nishant, and Pratik manage to stop them. Bigg Boss even warns them to stay in separate rooms. While Bigg Boss directs Abhijeet to remain in the bedroom, Devoleena is told to walk outdoors. Pratik takes Devoleena near the garden area after she loses control. 

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