Bigg Boss 15: Court Case Filed Against Umar Riaz, Here's Why?

 - Sakshi Post

One of the most popular Bigg Boss 15 contestants, Umar Riaz has landed himself in trouble but it is not anything related to inside house drama. Faizan Ansari has called out for deliberately tagging a different brand label and crediting them for his clothes this season.

The brother of Bigg Boss 13's runner-up Asim Riaz, Umar is one of the most talked-about contestants of BB15. For the uninitiated, BB contestants promote several brands for the clothing they wear while staying inside the house. This season, Umar has been looking good in his stylish clothing, however, it is said that in order to discredit the company, he gave credit to a different label, which is unlawful.

Faizan Ansari who is behind Umar’s wardrobe this season has called out the contestant for this. He held him responsible for this and filed a case against Umar. He will be answerable to the court now.

Ansari called Umar a liar and a bully, accusing him of being a fraud. He further stated that he will bring the true character of Umar to the public's attention and make them see his real face. He went on to say that this shows clearly that Umar is hiding some nasty secret and his good nature is all a facade. 

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