BBT5: Sunny Takes Shannu's Side in Siri Rumour

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Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 is heading towards its thirteenth week with lots of emotions being experienced by contestants as a result of the family meet round. Now, there are a few more weeks left for the grand finale round. Are you excited? Yes, even we are eager to know who will win the Bigg Boss Telugu 5 trophy. In the family round, Siri's mother told Siri that she didn't like her hugs and kisses with Shannu.

Now, one of the BB housemates, Sunny has come out in support of Shannu and took a stand to explain it to Siri's mother. Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Contestant VJ Sunny explained to Siri's mother that Siri and Shannu are best friends and there is nothing beyond that, while the other contestants chose to remain silent. 

Sunny supported Shannu and said that he was helping Siri in many ways from day one. With this, Sunny won Bigg Boss Telugu 5 viewers' hearts. 

In yesterday's episode, Siri's boyfriend Shrihan also thanked Sunny for taking a stand for Shannu and Siri. Netizens say that Sunny is playing a very natural and mature game. And his support for Shanmukh has impressed the audience. 

Even Nagarjuna praised Sunny for explaining to Siri's mother about Shannu's relationship with Siri. It is known that Shannu and Siri were trolled on social media platforms for their hugs and kisses, but we hope that after the family round, viewers got some clarity. 

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