BBK8: Will Divya Suresh Be A Better Captain Than Uruduga?

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Kannada Bigg Boss viewers who were complaning about Colors Kannada giving a lot of footage to Aravind and Divya can now heave a sight of relief. After Divya Uruduga, Bigg Boss has picked Divya Suresh as the captain of the BBK house. Divya Suresh rule the BBK house in the fourth week of the second innings. Divya Suresh won yesterday's captaincy task and became the second female contestant to rule the glass house. As we all know, Divya U was the first female captain of Season 8 and everyone's expectations were high. Divya U gave her the best to become the best captain, but she failed in some situations. Kichcha Sudeep also told Divya U that she had been wrong about a few contestants when it came to executing the assigned tasks. A section of BBK viewers was also unhappy with Divya U. However, if Divya U gets another chance at captaincy, she will definitely overcome all her drawbacks.

Now the question is if Divya Suresh can be a better captain than Divyua U? Divya Suresh may not repeat the mistakes that Divya U did. It may be recalled that Sudeep already pointed out Divya U's wrong steps during captaincy. So Divya S will thread cautiously to avoid those mistakes. Divya Suresh captaincy is an interesting one because of Chandrachud. Last time, netizens said Divya U showed favoritism towards Aravind KP. Now, we should wait and watch to see if Divya S will accord special treatment to her partner in house Manju Pavagada. 

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