BBK8 Netizens Predict Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 Winner

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BBK8: Is there any better actor than Kichcha Sudeep to host the biggest TV reality show Bigg Boss Kannada? The viewers of Kannada Bigg Boss would vote for Kichcha Sudeep year after year as he has successfully completed several seasons of the show. He is the perfect host of the show. We can't imagine the show without Sudeep. 

The current season of Bigg Boss Kannada has been grabbing the headlines since its launch a month ago. Show buffs are complaining that contestants are not doing enough to attract the audience and keep them hooked to their TV screens. Only a few contestants are giving their best when it comes to tasks assigned by Bigg Boss. A few contestants seem to be playing a safe game. 

If you ask me who's the best judge for reality shows, then it's most certainly the audience. They have watched so many seasons that it's not hard for them to predict which contestant will remain on the show and which one should be eliminated. Whenever a new season of Bigg Boss begins, it's common to hear of viewers predicting the winner of the show judging the attitude and behaviour of the contestants. 

One contestant in the ongoing season of Kannada Bigg Boss Kannada seem to have stolen the hearts of Kannada TV viewers. For those playing the guessing game, we have the answer.

The contestant is none other than KP Aravind Kumar, a bike racer from Udupi. Netizens are predicting that Aravind KP could probably win Kannada Bigg Boss 8. It's too early to talk about the winner of the show as there's are more tasks coming their way before the close of the season. However, we are sure Aravind KP fans won't sleep without making him the winner of the season. 

It now remains to be seen how he is going to play the game in the coming days and if he will continue enjoy the adulation for long. 

But, readers, let me tell you this is just a prediction based on social media talks. Let's wait and watch to see who will be the real winner of Bigg Boss Kannada season 8.

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