BBK8: Aravind KP Fans Heartbroken Over Bigg Boss Runner Up Title

 - Sakshi Post

Aravind KP was the most loved and strongest contestant in Bigg Boss Kannada season 8. Everyone's expectations were high that Aravind KP would lift the trophy in the grand finale at any cost, but their expectations went wrong. Another equally popular contestant, who picked up his performance in the second innings, Manju Pavagada managed to walk away with the winner's trophy. This has left Aravind KP fans totally upset and heartbroken, thanks to the unexpected result of the game in the finals. Manju P won over Aravind KP by 2 lakh votes. There's no denying thje fact that Aravind KP fans tried their best to make him the winner of season 8. 

In the first episode of Bigg Boss 8 Kannada grand finale, Sudeep found faults with Divya U and Aravind KP's performances and said that they did not do well in the second innings compared to the first innings. He mentioned that they were in their own world. After that, Aravind KP and Divya U fans trolled Colors Kannada for defaming them. Anyway, it won't be wrong to mention that Divya U and Aravind KP became TRP materials for Colors Kannada. Because the channel used their footage in all their promos to woo BBK viewers to the small screen, which fetched them TRPs.

The bottom line is that people are not happy with Manju Pavagada winning the title of Season 8. Aravind fans will take some time to get over this shock.

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