BB15 Karan Kundrra and Nishant Bhat Get into Verbal Spat

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Like every episode, this time too, Bigg Boss 15 contestants got into a fight. It does not come as a surprise to the viewers as these housemates are always at each other’s necks. Things often get physical between them leading to damage of house property as well. If not getting physical, contestants are at least getting into verbal fights.

During a recent task, where Shamita Shetty and Pratik Sehajpal were competing and were required not to show any reactions, Pratik was being subjected to verbal abuse by Abhijit. To get a reaction out of him, Abhijit passed some really mean remarks about Pratik and even said stuff about his family.

Once the task was over, Nishant Bhat was seen enraged over how his friend Pratik was treated. Karan Kundrra, Rakhi Sawant and Umar Riaz were sanchalak. Nishant went to Karan to talk about what happened in the task and the rules changed by him.

Karan scolded Nishant and said that since it was about Pratik, he is getting angry. He called him a coward and said that Pratik is like a toddler. You are getting all worked up because it was about him, said Karan. Nishant in turn told that he can as well get abusive if that’s what it takes to win tasks here.

Later Nishant referred to the contestants as cowards for utilizing unjust measures to elicit a response from the players during a task. Karan Kundrra became enraged, and both Nishant and Karan charged at each other. Umar stepped in to break up the fight, but the two continued to slam each other. Nishant expressed his dissatisfaction with Karan's treatment of him, but the latter accused him of being abusive. It led to a verbal war between them.

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