BB14 Shocking Disclosure: Eijaz Khan Reveals Why He Wasn’t Allowed To Reenter Bigg Boss

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Eijaz Khan was eliminated from Bigg Boss 14 as his proxy Devoleena Bhattacharjee got evicted from the house. As Eijaz had some prior commitments, he had to leave the house for a few days. During that time Devoleena was sent as his proxy.

She played well during her time in the house and was able to stay safe as Devoleena was also getting votes from Eijaz Khan Fans. But managed to reach far but was eliminated right before the Finale week and could not be a part of the Top 5.

Her eviction from the house marked the end of Eijaz Khan’s journey as well. This elimination came as a surprise as Eijaz revealed that his work got done long back and he was ready to make a re-entry.

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In a recent interview Eijaz Khan revealed that his work was over by 6th February. He was ready to make a re-entry in Bigg Boss house. He even contacted the makers and informed them about it, but the makers didn’t allow Eijaz’s re-entry.

It was reported that the makers were thinking of other contestants. There were other contestants in the house who have been there since the beginning, especially Rubina Dilaik. Rahul, Aly, Nikki and Rakhi were also there.

It would be unfair to other contestants as Eijaz was able to see the game from outside and got viewers’ opinion. It will not be fair to those contestants who are currently there in the house. That is why the makers decided not to allow Eijaz to re-enter.

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Eijaz further added that he felt bad as fans have been telling him, he was a top contender. Many fans and viewers have said that if Eijaz Khan was still there in the Bigg Boss house, he would have been in Top 5 and possibly in the race to win the Trophy as well. This is what has hurt him the most as there is no saying what would have happened if he was still there in the Bigg Boss house.

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