BB14: Aly Goni Journey Video, Will Salman Make Him Winner?

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As the journey of Bigg Boss 14 is to come to an end, things are getting a little emotional in the house. Bigg Boss is showing the journey video of everyone contestant and it has made them emotional. While showing Aly Goni’s journey video, Bigg Boss had many nice things to say to him.

In a recently released promo, it was seen that Aly Goni was watching his journey video, with tears in his eyes and emotions on a high, Aly watched his journey. The video promo started with Bigg Boss saying that Aly always played for others. “Apne liye toh khelne wale toh 14 seasons me kahi aaye, par doston ke liye khelne wale bahut kam.” (There came many in the past 14 seasons who played for themselves but those who played for others, very less.)

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Aly always helped others and played for them. He helped Jasmin Bhasin, Rahul Vaidya and gave importance to friendship above everything else. He entered the show for Jasmin and to support her. He even voluntarily exited from the house for Jasmin.

Aly became friends with Rahul Vaidya and through the course of the show, their friendship and bromance just bloomed even more. Even Rahul has confessed a few times that if he didn’t have Aly’s support, he wouldn’t have survived in the house.

The promo ended with Bigg Boss saying that Aly has now left a mark on viewers’ hearts.

He will always be remembered as someone who put friends above tasks and trophy. Aly has become the one with a selfless heart and viewers will always remember that. Although chances of Aly Goni winning Bigg Boss 14 is relatively less, he has already become a “people’s champion.” 

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