SPB's Demise Increases Caution And Hatred For Covid!

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SP Balasubramanyam, the legendary singer of Indian Cinema has breathed his last on 25th September 2020. His last rites will be conducted at his Farm House, located 20-25 kms away from Chennai. Tamil Nadu Government will perform the rites with all State Honors. 

Family members of SP Balasubramanyam are trying to console his wife, Savitri and daughter, Pallavi, who are unable to digest his demise. His legions of fans are also unable to console themselves. Even though many feared that something of this sort could happen when the singer's family announced that his condition became critical after he tested positive for Covid-19, no one is prepared to accept the unfortunate truth. 

Fans of the legend are highly angry and frustrated towards the country where the virus is believed to have originated. Some of them have emotionally threatened a war against the country as well. 

Others are reminiscing about his songs, voice style, his longevity, his speeches and his passion for languages. They all are expressing one thing - "Had SPB somehow safeguarded himself from getting affected by the virus, he could have easily sung for another 10 years!" 

Well, the singer always believed that people are created for a purpose and when they serve it to their fullest, they have to leave this world for divine abode some time or the other. Even though it is hard to accept and digest this fact, we have to respect it. 

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