Producer Natti Kumar Slams Bigwigs In Industry For Closing Theatres!

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Producer Natti Kumar is known for his controversial comments and he has been targeting few groups of producers on record in front of media. He did the same again. 

The producer said that Governments should think about the families that depend on Theatres for their livelihood before they continue, with the shut down. He also asked the Indian Government to look at the situation of various theatres before they make rules and restrict the occupancies. 

He asked why the theatres are being shut for so long when trains and aeroplanes are allowed to run at maximum capacities. He commented that governments cannot ignore a flourishing Industry like Films as they would have to answer to many families. 

He later slammed bigwigs from Industry saying that they are being silent as they fear about their other assets and they don't care about film Industry at all. He questioned the authority of bigwigs behind choosing to close the theatres and then alleged that they are not giving Government the real data to make an informed decision.

"As OTT platforms are offering big money to star films these producers are hoping to make their money back but they are thinking about the small budget films and producers," commented Natti Kumar. He asked stars to not forget that theatres have been the backbone in their growth. 

He also announced that he is producing Psycho Varma and Devvayam tho Savasam with Ram Gopal Varma. 

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