Karate Kalyani Says, 'Devi Nagavalli's Elimination Is Unfair'

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Do you remember Karate Kalyani of Bigg Boss Telugu 4? Obviously, the answer will be a big ‘Yes’. It is all known knowledge that Karate Kalyani had dropped a Bigg Bomb on popular TV host Devi Nagavalli and the latter was directly nominated. Unfortunately, Devi was eliminated from the show on Sunday's episode.
Now, Devi Nagavalli is trending on all social media platforms. The elimination of Devi Nagavalli came as a shocking news to fans and show buffs. It is learned that some of Devis' fans are trolling Karate Kalyani saying that she was the reason for Devi's elimination.

The latest news we hear is that Karate Kalyani reacted over Devi Nagavalli’s elimination. She stated to a leading tabloid that “I was really shocked when I heard about Devi's elimination, it is really unfair. She is one of the strongest contestants in the house. I didn’t expect Devi's elimination and I thought she would stay for a longer time in the house. I never mentioned that Devi is not a good person but the way she talks looks harsh."

She further added that Devi took the game seriously. Karate Kalyani explained the reason why she dropped Bigg Bomb on Devi. She said that, "I felt Devi as one of the strongest contestants when compared to other contestants. If I had nominated any other person in Devi's place then they would have been upset and they wouldn’t be taking it in a sportive manner like Devi. I nominated her because she has a huge fan following outside the house and I expected that she would score more votes than the other contestants in the house." We really don’t know what's the real reason behind Devi's elimination.

The latest buzz on social media is that Devi Nagavalli may re-enter the show. It is left to see whether the Show organises will give her a chance or not. Let’s wait and watch how the show will turn in the coming days.

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