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Most youngsters would love to watch crime thriller films. If you are a die-hard of a thriller film, then Iravatham is the next film to add to your bucket list to watch this weekend. The film is directed by  Suhaas Mera and produced by Ramki Palgani.

Plot: Sloka( Tanvi Negi) is a beautician in the film. She will be in a relationship with Chikku(Amardeep), and they will be happy together. On Shloka’s birthday, Chiku gifts her a fancy white camera as a birthday present. While Sloka's busy in shooting the video, she can be seen as a duplicate version of her in the video called (Princess). Princess will be the same like Sloka.  

She will be in hurry to find out the story. Maaya (Esther) tells about the Camera specialty and why the princess is appearing in the video to Sloka.  Maaya tells Princess used to work as a model and that Sunny her boyfriend used to be a fashion photographer. Why do Princess and Sunny get killed? What’s the actual specialty about the white camera? Who will die between Sloka or the princess? Who will kill them forms the story.

Performance: There can no better Sloka than Tanvi Negi. She brings the character alive with her expression and swag. She does justice to the film as well as for her role. Amardeep's acting skills must be appreciated as he manages the audience glued to their seats with his performance. Arun Jaanu steals the show with his stellar performance in the film. The other supporting cast also does justice to their roles.

Analysis: The film music, and cinematography are plus points. The production values of Iravatham are rich. Director Suhas made a good attempt with the film.

Verdict: Iravatham is a thrilling, exciting story to watch out for this weekend.

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