Mohammad Azharuddin Said Siddipet Development Looked Like Singapore

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Siddipet  Stadium was lit with floodlights late on Wednesday night with Azharuddin as the chief guest at the KCR Cup cricket tournament final.

Siddipet: Former India captain Mohammad Azharuddin, president of Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) mentioned that Siddipet was being developed on par with Singapore.

Azharuddin was the chief guest at the KCR Cup cricket tournament final held in Siddipet Stadium. It was conducted on Wednesday night under floodlights. Former India captain Mohammad Azharuddin visited Komaticheruvu, Ranganayaka Sagar, and other places in and around Siddipet town.

Watching the illuminated hanging bridge over Komaticheruvu, the former India captain compared Siddipet with Singapore. “Siddipet will become one of the best cities in the country since it is located strategically,” he said. Finance Minister T Harish Rao put forward the proposals of IT Hub, railway line, industrial corridor, Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme (KLIS) in Siddipet, then the HCA president compared Siddipet with Singapore.

Azharuddin inaugurated a boating facility at Ranganayaka Sagar the same night and travelled through the tunnel of KLIS at Chandlapur. The former Indian batsman and Harish went for a boat ride in Godavari water.

Azharuddin applauded minister Harish Rao as an all-rounder in politics after seeing the development. He has called upon the people to vote for Harish until he stays in politics.  Earlier, Azharuddin had played for the audience with his wristy strokes at Siddipet stadium, and local bowlers and Harish Rao have also bowled to him.

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