Gold Found During Excavation For New House In Warangal

representational image - Sakshi Post

Various objects would be excavated while digging the house. In some cases, ancient coins and objects will be found. In the same way, a man found gold while he was digging his old house for new construction. This incident took place in Karimabad, Warangal district.

Golikari Ramesh owns an old house in Karimabad and he wanted to build a new house by dismantling the old one.  So, he handed over the construction works to a builder. Workers came from Katravalli started digging for new construction. During the process, they found a gold chain weighing 35 grams.

A dispute raised between the workers over the distribution of the chain. Local SI Satish came to know about the chain and he interrogated the workers and seized the chain. But, the owner expressed doubts as to whether their ancestors still hid any jewellery in the old house which was built 30 to 40 years ago.

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