This Hyderabad Baker Takes Biriyani Love To Next Level

 - Sakshi Post

Hyderabadis love for Biryani is not a new thing. The city of Nawabs is famous for its Biryani and people from all over the world visit Hyderabad to taste the World famous Biryani. Now, what if I tell you that this taste can also be experienced through a cake!

Yes, a pastry chef from Hyderabad became famous for her innovative cakes. 37-year-old Manpreet Kaur bakes cakes of all flavours from pani-puri to Biryani. She attracted a lot of customers through her creative flavours and design.

Kaur is a native of Uttarakhand but she stays in Hyderabad. Her cakes got attention on Facebook and Instagram. After one specific cake of her’s went viral, she received many orders. Kaur was happy with the orders and said that she can finally show her creative side.

The baker added that she was always into creative things and liked baking as well. But due to family duties, she did not get time to take up baking as a full-time thing. Now that Hyderabadis know about her cakes and are excited about the flavours, she is ready to make more amazing cakes.

The lockdown allowed Manpreet to take her passion seriously. She started baking cakes and initially got orders from her neighbours in Kukatpally. The word of mouth spread and now her business is going better than she expected. Kaur says that she will not stop here. Her dream is to open her own bakery and expand her business even more.

Manpreet has her own Instagram page where she shares pictures of her cakes. The page is filled with beautiful looking cakes including the Biryani cake, customized superhero cakes and even the choola-Kulchaa cake. She bakes eggless cake and charges up to Rs. 800 per kg.

An order has to be placed well in advance as she is currently flooded with many orders. 


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