Like Zoom, Google Meet Will Also Have Background Blur Or Custom Background Feature Soon!

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HYDERABAD: The number of people using video conferencing applications has increased, of late. Attending meetings through video conference has become quite normal. To meet the requirements of the people, the video conferencing apps like Zoom, Skype, etc., are working hard to come up with new features. Zoom users have been enjoying the blur out the background option. Very soon, Google Meet will also allow the users to blur out the background or to replace it with a virtual background. One can upload their own background but admins can disable this functionality. Custom Google Meet backgrounds will help you protect the privacy and it will save the embarrassment of having your co-workers looking at the mess behind you. It will also help students and educators feel more comfortable. Google has come up with a 16-person tile view and very soon 49 persons can take part in a meeting at one time. The other important features on the Meet road map include:

  • Hand Raising: Whenever a participant has something to say or question, this feature will be more useful.
  • Meeting Attendance: This helps the hosts to see who have attended their meeting.
  • Breakout Rooms: This feature enables to split the large meetings into smaller groups. So that they can continue simultaneous discussions and reconvene once completed.
  • Q&A: The audience can ask questions without interrupting the conversation flow.
  • Polling: Engage the participants with real-time surveys in large meetings.
  • Additional Moderator Controls: Give meeting hosts additional controls muting, presenting, joining, and more.

The background blurring option to Google Meet will be available on both mobile and desktop. Google Meet has become increasingly popular with Google moving from Hangouts to refreshed naming. Initially, Google Meet was available to G Suite users but later Google made it open for all the Google account holders. Google is also coming up with some of the moderation controls for Educators and this will help them control meeting requests in a simpler manner. If anyone tries to join a meeting (or knocks) after being ejected from a meeting they will not be allowed to knock again and if the moderator refuses it two times then a knock will no longer turn up. For all the participants, moderators will also be able to complete the meeting.

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