Top Questions Asked By Indians to Alexa

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Amazon released the most frequently asked Alexa questions by Indian users last year. Many people were interested in Bollywood superstar Salman Khan's personal life and looked to Alexa to learn more about the actors' love relationships, wedding plans, and other facts, such as "Alexa, what is the name of Salman Khan's girlfriend?" and  "Alexa, when is Salman Khan's wedding?". "Alexa has grown to become an essential part of Indian families over the last five years and has always impressed users with its funny quips and engaging replies," Amazon said in a statement.

The Indian users regularly turned to Alex for help in learning about the facts and what’s happening in the world. As many Bollywood celebrities got married, people were eager to know the couple's age difference and love stories. And the few questions Amazon revealed are "Alexa, what is Alia Bhatt's age?", "Alexa, how old is Kendall Jenner?" and much more.  Meanwhile, Alex was useful to homemakers who wanted to learn different types of food recipes."With the T20 cricket and football world tournaments taking place back-to-back in the last year, users turned to Alexa to keep them up to date on the latest events and the 'who's-who' in the sports fraternity," said the company.

When it comes to sports, the most asked question is  "Alexa, what is the score?" and "Alexa, who do you think is better, Ronaldo or Messi?"

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