Technologies That Are Likely To Dominate Despite The Impending Recession

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By Prof. Debashis Sengupta
Area Director & Dean – Technology Initiatives, NIIT University

Firstly, despite all the talk about recession, it will probably affect India marginally, if at all. According to global consultancy firm Ernst & Young growth projections, the Indian economy is estimated to reach a GDP size of $26 trillion by 2047 and the per capita income is expected to increase to $15,000, putting the country among the ranks of developed economies.

This growth will be driven by technology for it has invaded every aspect of our life – be it shopping, banking, booking a holiday or applying for a driving license everything is just a click away. The business models of most organizations today are heavily dependent on technology. No doubt, therefore, there will be an increased demand for professionals well-versed in new-age technologies to cater to the changing face of enterprises and their tech-enabled services. 

The world is becoming increasingly digital and activities such as playing, socializing, studying, or even working with real-life acquaintances are moving online. And, for us to exist virtually, dozens of new apps and devices are being developed or will be available soon. Scanner tools are assisting in converting documents, study notes, and even photo albums into digital format. Online games allow people to socialize in the virtual world. The key trend that will rule the tech industry is to make everything available online – from fun and games to managing our finance and health records. 

Privacy & Security Over Everything

As the world becomes increasingly virtual there will be malware threats and cyber security issues. The tech sector will see many new inventions and secure apps in the coming years designed to protect users’ private data. Antivirus and antimalware software will try to meet the needs of the users and will include more features than ever before. App lockers and security extensions are also expected to undergo a radical transformation. End-to-end encrypted data transfer and file-sharing apps based on cutting-edge technologies such as QR codes will allow users to securely share their data and thus gain popularity among users. The eventual aim would be to provide users with the best digital experience while maintaining their privacy and security. 

The demands of the world dominated by technology are changing job roles and the future of work will be heavily dependent on tech. There will be increased demand for cloud computing professionals and employees who can operate at the intersection of outsourced services and digital technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. Computer engineers, data scientists, programmers and cyber security professionals will play an important role. With most professions becoming tech-enabled it is imperative for students today to have an aptitude for technology.

To cater to this demand, universities and higher education institutions should align their curriculum to offer new-age technology skills. Institutions should impart practical information to students rather than just theoretical knowledge to stay relevant in today's ever-changing world. Industry internship and training programs should be an intrinsic part of the curriculum.

We live in a world where technology is the mainstay and accelerated technological developments further add to the challenge. It is important for students today to understand new-age technologies and constantly upgrade themselves to stay ahead of them.

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