SBI Warns Users Against KYC-Related Cybercrimes 

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As the world is going digital with more and more things happening online, the risk has also increased. The all-time saying is true that technology is both a boon and a bane. When you have a mobile phone and a high usage of it, there are also high chances of viruses or malware attacking your phone. You can always ignore these risks by being aware of what is causing harm to your phone and protect it from those risks.

Online banking has definitely made life easier. You can easily transfer money from one bank account to another. Payments and insurance installments have become easier too. But with all this, cybercrime has also increased. Every day we hear a new method that is now being used by these hackers to get into your phone and rob all the money from your bank account. To help the customers be aware of such crimes, banks keep issuing notices and warnings.

Recently State Bank of India issued a warning asking the users to not click on any link. You might receive a mail or message that says, “It is a gift” from the National Bank of India. But it is not true. SBI warned its users that it is not them sending these messages with links. “Do not click on the links” urged the bank. Stay alert and aware. Think multiple times before clicking on any link.

KYC-related Cybercrimes: Yes it is true that the fraudsters also use KYC as a method of committing a crime. If you receive a message that read, “click on this link to update your KYC”; beware and never click on it. Immediately delete the message. It might seem that the message has come from the bank but SBI will not send such messages.

In case you receive such messages, delete them instantly and do not click on the link. You can also report these links and messages to the ‘cyber crime’ department. The complaint can be made online as well.

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