Finland Man Blows Up His Tesla Car Over This Bizarre Reason

 - Sakshi Post

We have here an extremely irritated Tesla customer who blew up his own car with 30 kg of explosives after being told that repairs would cost Rs 17 lakh. With unique innovations and futuristic features, Tesla has managed to dazzle car owners and other potentials in the EV market. But what still upsets many, are the repairs cost and services after they buy the car. 

Sometimes the cost of the repairs is just out of this world. The price of the car is too, but these services blow the owners’ minds. Here we are talking about a man from Finland who was taken aback by the repair cost and decided to do something bizarre.

Tuomas reported that he had troubles with the instrument cluster, including various error messages, and that a tow car was dispatched to transport the vehicle to a Tesla service center. Tuomas was informed after a month that the repairs could not be done without replacing the entire battery pack, which would cost him $22,480. (Rs 17 lakh).

To make matters worse, the car's warranty had run out because it was eight years old. Tuomas then chose to blow his car up. 

He took his car to Jaala, an ice-covered village in the Kymenlaakso region and decided to carry out the blowing-up operation there. He attached 30 kg dynamite to the car and blew it up. The entire scene was captured on camera. A youtube channel named Pommijatkat uploaded the entire episode.

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