Best Job Opportunities Available With PMI-PMP Certification

Best Job Opportunities Available With PMI-PMP Certification - Sakshi Post

After completing the PMP Course, you may be wondering what the first step in your chosen profession should be. Now that you have the skills and prerequisites for a highly paid PMP job, it's time to get one.

Project management may be a mentally and financially fulfilling career. Your PMP certification, which can enhance your annual compensation by more than 20 percent, can make it even more profitable.

If the construction, medical, or pharmaceutical industries all appeal to you significantly, or if you're curious about the highest-paying industries for PMP-certified project managers, you've come to the best location.

PMP Certification Is A Professional Designation

Bureau of Labor Statistics data confirms that there will be a 6% rise in project management jobs by 2024. This means there will be 5 Lac open positions for professionals with PMP certification to grow in project management job profiles. The average income for the project manager with PMP Training rises to $123,314, a rise of 23% over an uncertified Project Manager.

A PMP certification is essential for project managers who wish to earn more.

PMP Positions with the Highest Salaries

Many companies encourage PMPs to learn and develop throughout their careers.

According to recent research pharmaceuticals, aerospace, and technological incubators are the most paid industries. Those jobs require a greater degree of expertise, knowledge, and practice than the regular job. These organizations seek a very high level of proficiency on a PMP, so don't be discouraged if you can't get one early in your career.

1. Managing a Project Management Office

The PMO office oversees and guides the company's Project Management functions. It is a highly challenging profession that requires expertise in all PMP role-related operations. The PMO manager is one of the highest-paid PMP positions, supporting other PMPs, delivering projects, and controlling budgets/schedules for a wide range of projects.

This job might pay salary ranges from $200k onwards for this job.

2. Manager of Construction Projects

This profession necessitates a PM to travel to several sites. The job locations can be in distant areas with minimal facilities, which results in high pay rates for those who accept the positions. Additionally, a construction project manager will require a comprehensive understanding of various trades and sectors to manage and control planning, schedule, and cost successfully.

These jobs can pay up to $150K.

3. Consultant - Project Manager

A PMP consultant can work for a variety of different companies and manage many projects concurrently. Due to its intensive workload and concurrent assignments, the PMP consultant might obtain good-paying positions. 

The consultant position provides the flexibility and opportunity for a PMP to handle projects across several sectors, requiring a fundamental understanding of multiple processes. In terms of cost, scope, communications, risks, and schedule, the consultant offers strategic assistance to firms unable to sustain a broader PMO strategic framework.

The salary range for this position is near $150K based on a 40-hour workweek.

There are two choices for this position: work as a personal consultant to help PMP organizations, or engage as a consultant for a PMP firm. The distinction between the two is that one will supervise PMPs while working independently, and the second will be charged with acting as a PMP for a certain program or project.

4. PP Manager

Another highly compensated professional is a PP Manager or Portfolio and Program Manager. This job allows for designing, monitoring, reporting, and implementing numerous programs or projects in a single Master Programme. The PPM gathers information from Senior Project Managers and organizes it into a comprehensive reporting structure. A PPM salary ranges between $140K and $160K, with higher pay scales available in the aerospace and pharmaceutical industries.

5. Project Managers

a. Aerospace Industry A PM in this sector might expect a high salary due to the position's specialized talents and requirements. The aerospace PM can achieve the required security clearances to work on certain projects, usually involving copyrighted techniques, intellectual property, or commercial secrets.

In this industry, the average income for a project manager is close to $110K.

b. Pharmaceutical Industry PMPs in the pharmaceutical business are also considered to be paid well. This profession usually requires specific knowledge or background in the health industry while receiving other qualifications like Six Sigma, Lean Operations, and LEED certification. In addition, Pharma PMPs are likely to be familiar with ISO certifications and will be required to pursue specific degrees to climb the corporate ladder or earn more salary.

This role has a market value of between $90 and $130k for highly experienced individuals.

c. Industry of Mining Mining firms can also produce high-paying positions for PMPs. The nature of the sector necessitates high-paid PMPs to maintain productivity while planning and executing mining activities in particular sections: PMPs must-have safety certificates and specialist expertise in civil, environmental, and geotechnical engineering.

Average mining PM earnings are $89 to $130k with extra benefits like Diem and other marginal advantages excluded.

d. Oil and Gas Industry PMPs that work in the petroleum sector frequently work long hours and in remote areas. It is necessary to have skills and expertise in the petroleum sector. These PMP jobs entail substantial travel and strict safety requirements.

Salary ranges from $90-$180k, with the higher range representing more experienced and seasonal protection managers assigned to remote places and long-term assignments.

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