Hyderabad Girl Sania Mirza is Zinda Tilismath Brand Ambassador

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Zinda Tilismath comes as a balm to treat headaches. On Saturday, the century-old Hyderabad firm released a new product to commemorate its centennial festivities.

In response to popular demand, Zinda Tilismath has created a balm. The balm, which is made entirely of herbs, has no negative effects and may be used externally as a pain reliever. The Zinda Tilismath stable is also working on an inhaler and toothpaste.

The balm, which promises to be a sure-fire solution for all forms of muscle ailments, including headaches, is available in 1 gram and 10 gram packs for Rs 2 and Rs 35, respectively.

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"We changed the old formula a little to make it more effective than similar items on the market," said Imad Farooqi, one of Zinda Tilismath's partners.

Tennis star Sania Mirza, the brand ambassador for Zinda Tilismath, complimented the therapeutic virtues of the product in a video message, saying she and her family had been using it for a long time.

The firm is now attempting to grab India's massive market as well as position the items abroad. They have already agreed to sell Zinda Tilismath in the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar. 

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