Russian regions fight flood as water levels remain high

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Moscow, April 18 (IANS) Russia's Kurgan and Tyumen regions have evacuated more than 15,000 people as of Thursday due to flooding threat as water levels are forecast to continue rising in the coming days.

In the Kurgan region, the water level of the Tobol river keeps rising, the Ministry of Emergency Situations said on Thursday, adding that in the regional centre, the level has reached around 970 cm, surpassing the danger mark, Xinhua news agency reported.

Nearly 14,000 people have been evacuated, with 2,090 residential buildings and 3,380 country houses flooded, data from the regional department of emergency situations showed on Thursday.

The water in the Tobol river near Kurgan will continue to rise in the next one to two days, the department said.

In the neighbouring Tyumen region, more than 1,500 people have been evacuated, according to the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

The water level of the Ishim river in the Kazan district of the Tyumen region has exceeded the historical maximum of 2017 by 56 cm, local government said, adding that the flood peak in Kazan is expected in the coming days.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations continues to strengthen and increase the height of the local dam, it said.

Previous forecasts showed the water levels in the Ishim river will be "significantly higher than previously expected".

In the Orenburg region, more than 16,500 people have been evacuated since the beginning of the flood, latest data from the Ministry showed. Water levels have been decreasing, and flood situations have stabilised in the region, according to the Ministry.

Russian regions have been facing some of the worst flooding in decades due to a continuous rise in daily average temperatures, snowmelt, and rivers thawing. Floods have been ravaging Russia's western Siberia, the Volga region and the Central Federal District.

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