Where Is Navjot Singh Sidhu?

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Where is Navjot Singh Sidhu? This question is being asked in the Congress circles. Known to be a diehard supporter of Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi, this cricketer-turned-politician is silent on the present tussle in the Congress Party. He has not come out in support of Rahul Gandhi when 23 senior Congress leaders wrote a letter to the high command.

Instead, his arch rival Amarinder Singh was quick to extend his support to the Gandi-Nehru family. Siddhu, who was promoted by Rahul Gandhi, was found wanting. Ever since he was removed from the Punjab cabinet, Sidhu has been keeping a low profile and has not attended any party programme. He is largely keeping to himself. His wife, an MLA, is also keeping largely silent.

Sidhu had frequent fights with Amarinder and always claimed that he was a follower of Rahul Gandhi. He had always said that he was in the party because of Rahul. But, when Rahul Gandhi’s leadership was being challenged in the CWC, he did not respond. On the other hand, his rival Amarinder backed him fully.

Sources said that Rahul Gandhi was planning to bring him back into the ministry and rehabilitate him in the Punjab government. But, by his silence, he has marred his own chances, they said.

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