New Covid Variants Kappa, Lambda: Here's What You Must Know

 - Sakshi Post

The variants of Coronavirus have been causing trouble to health experts. It has become a matter of concern as the experts are now trying to figure out if the existing vaccines are effective against these variants. The Delta (B.1.617.2) variant is spreading fast and led to an increase in global cases.

Now the focus is on the virus types Kappa and Lambda which has baffled the medical teams. World Health Organization (WHO) termed these types as ‘variants of interest’ in April and June. There have been various reports of this variant and concerns of rapid spread. It is said that these variants mutate as well and that is more concerning.

These variants were first identified in India. B.1.617.1 variant of the Covid-19 was named as ‘Kappa’ and B1.617.2 was named ‘Delta.’ This decision was taken after India expressed their disappointment over the new variant being termed as the ‘Indian Variant.’ The Kappa variant is termed as the “double mutant” as there are two other mutant versions of it - E484Q and L452R.

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So far there have been many cases reported in India. Initially, the number of cases for the Kappa variant was less but now the spread has increased.

Lambda (C.37) variant was first found in Peru back in August 2020. Talking about India, there have been no cases of this variant in the country but to keep it that way, we must be cautious. That is why international flights are still banned.

The Bharat Biotech and Indian Council of Medical Research vaccine Covaxin effectively neutralizes the new concerning variants, Alpha and Delta, said the U.S.’ National Institute of Health. But with the ever-mutating virus, it is best that we take the vaccine and also follow the Covid19 protocols.

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