Hyderabad Scientist Says COVID 3rd Wave May Have Begun!

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According to a medical expert in Hyderabad, Covid third wave has already begun in India. A senior physicist Dr. Vipin Srivastava, shared that the third wave has already started in India on July 4. It will show effects soon.

Srivastava conducted a test, a pattern was followed to research and understand the situation in India. Based on the findings of his research, it was said that the third wave started in the first week of July. The study included research on a number of cases and deaths and how the second wave panned out in the country. This is a beginning similar to the second wave.

As of now, the number of deaths is less. But when the casualties number changes, the Daily Death Load (DDL) changes widely as well. This is what happened in February, which was marked as the beginning of the second wave. During that time, the number of cases and majorly casualties was less, but it still led us to a very problematic second wave. This is happening right now as well.

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He hopes that this doesn’t happen and that whatever it is, we are ready for it. The medical authorities and state administrations have to be ready. Being cautious can help us fight the third wave, better. As of now, many states are concentrating on filling up medical supplies like oxygen cylinders and other drugs and injections. Shortages in Covid supply also became the biggest reason for our failure during the second wave.

As per the SUTRA model, in case there is no mutant strain that is spreading rapidly, the third wave can be a ripple somewhere between October and November. But if there is a mutant strain that is spreading at a concerning pace, then the third wave can be just like the first and second ones

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