Doordarshan Channels Can Be Watched Without Set Top Boxes Soon

 - Sakshi Post

New Delhi: Free-to-air Doordarshan channels were not accessible to the TV viewers without a set top box. However, this is going to change and the viewers could enjoy the content on Doordarshan without set top boxes.  

On Monday, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) issued specifications for digital television receivers with built-in satellite tuners. The TV manufacturers will have to incorporate these specifications while manufacturing the TV sets to enable viewers to watch these channels. 

Currently, Doordarshan’s paid and free-to-air channels can only be watched with the help of a set top box. The move is part of the official broadcaster’s decision to phase out analogue transmission. Doordarshan will broadcast all free-to-air channels using digital transmission. 

In an effort to cut down on e-waste, the BIS has also published the standards for common chargers and video surveillance systems. The latest standard provides requirements for USB Type-C port, plug and cables for use in various electronic devices like mobile phone, laptop, notebook etc. Several countries across the world are working to provide common charging solutions for electronic devices. 

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