YG Entertainment Reacts On Jisoo Health Condition

YG Entertainment Reacts On Jisoo Health Condition - Sakshi Post

BLACKPINK members are on a world tour right now. And few pictures of the members from their concerts were released on social media. But one of the pictures in all of them caught the attention of the BLACKPINK fans' attention.


The photo of Jisoo with what appeared to be a lump in her neck raised concerns about her health status among her fans. 

YG Entertainment has responded to Jisoo’s Health status. 

As the photo began gaining more attention online, YG Entertainment made a statement on November 4 reassuring fans that Jisoo was fine.

“Jisoo is handling the world tour schedule well,” said the agency, “and there is nothing wrong with her health.” BLACKPINK members are currently touring North America.

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