Who Was IU's Date in Paris? It Was Not Jungkook

Who Was IU's Date in Paris? It Was Not Jungkook - Sakshi Post

Are Yoo Ah In and IU dating? The answer to this could be yes! IU and Yoong Ah In were reportedly spotted in Paris together.
According to a netizen's post on October 20, Yoo Ah In and IU were seen together on the streets of Paris, France late last month. The netizen alleged, "I watched the two greet each other from afar. They both looked surprised, and it was cute," and shared the images below. 
 At the time, IU was in Europe to attend 'Gucci Fashion Week' in Milan, Italy, while Yoo Ah In was reportedly visiting Bottega Veneta's summer 2023 fashion show.

The two member’s actions also led to suspicion among fans about the possibility of their relationship.

On an episode of KBS' 'Hello Counselor', IU expressed, "I'm into Yoo Ah In these days. I enjoyed watching the drama 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal', and I liked Yoo Ah In." Yoo Ah In picked IU as his ideal type on MBC's 'Section TV Entertainment News' in 2015, saying, "She's lovely and pretty. Any man would like her."

Now, these statements are adding fuel to rumours about their dating.

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