Meet BTS Jimin's Rumoured Girlfriend

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Is there any  need to give an introduction to BTS member Jimin? Obviously, a big No... Jimin enjoys an incredible fan following. Now, the news is that one of the fans of Jimin wrote “Jimin I don’t have a boyfriend. but my whole family knows you’re my boyfriend. what should l do?" To this BTS Leader RM replied, "Wow". With in no time, the comment made by BTS Leader RM went viral. Here is the post.

The BTS members have got many proposals from ARMY. While fans have been eagerly waiting to know the relationship status of BTS members. In 2015, RM (Kim Namjoon) spoke about his past relationship. He said that, “There was a girl that I dated in high school, 4-5 years ago. A relationship is something that you can’t really define. But, to put it into perspective, it is as if a circle and a triangle are trying to become a square and we didn’t match well in that process."

He further stated that, “She had a lot of guy friends. To be honest, having a lot of guy friends isn’t a problem. But, in my circumstances and from my point of view, she did things that were unacceptable as a girlfriend. And, so we continued to argue. And if things continue like this, I figured this would have an effect on my pure feelings for her. So we ended things.”

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