BTS Jungkook Proved That RM is His Eternal Role Model

 - Sakshi Post

It is known to all that BTS’ youngest member Jungkook has always considered RM as his role model. He respects the leader more than anyone. Jungkook often shares the story of how he joined Big Hit Entertainment only for RM. He just looked at Namjoon and knew from the moment that he is going to follow the rapper no matter where they are. I saw him and thought he was very cool, JK often mentions. 

Jungkook’s love and appreciation for Namjoon once again reflected through his actions during the recent Presidential Envoy meet. The BTS members were invited by President Moon Jae-In for Special Presidential Envoy Appointment. While the members individually received the honor, JK did something that caught ARMY’s attention.

Being the leader of BTS, Namjoon was the first one to receive the letter of appointment from the president. All the other members were seated at that time and just watched RM with utmost love. But Jungkook immediately stood up and watched the leader with pride.

This moment made the fans emotional. They were touched seeing Jungkook’s gesture. ARMYs have seen how JK idolizes the leader. He grew up with RM as his role model and that will never change. “He is my first and last role model,” said JK about RM.

Once again with this simple gesture, JK has proved that he is and always will be RM’s #1 fanboy and that the leader will be his forever role model. As Jungkook is the youngest member, even RM cares for him a lot. He is the leader’s “forever little one.”

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